I am a clinical psychologist based in Cape Town, working in offices just next door to N1 City Hospital.

My work is largely focused on individuals, blending long-term psycho-dynamic understanding with short-term practical application. I also work with groups, couples and families, helping to address challenges across those systems.

The duration of therapy may be brief, between 1 and 3 sessions or may continue over time, depending on the presented needs.

Therapy serves many needs, from managing crises, dealing with past experiences and working towards greater self-understanding and growth.

I completed my Master’s training at the University of the Western Cape (UWC) in Bellville, Western Cape. I went on to complete a counselling internship at the Centre for Student Support Services (CSSS) at UWC, and then a clinical internship at Fort Napier and Town Hill Psychiatric Hospitals in Pietermaritzburg. Having completed both a counselling and clinical internship has given me a unique ability to respond well to people from a variety of spaces. All concerns and challenges are welcome topics.

I believe that having greater understanding of oneself is central to healing and growth. I understand my role in the therapeutic relationship to be that of guide with a light – helping you discover things about yourself and seeing where your next steps may lie.

Establishing a strong alliance and good rapport are central to my work – we come to therapeutic spaces so that we may be helped.


HPCSA Registration Number: PS 0131415

Practice Number: 086 001 0689246



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