The Importance of Being Earnestly Quiet (Every now and then)

The Importance of Being Earnestly Quiet (Every now and then)

Most of our time is spent running from one activity to another, and then on to the next social engagement. We even punctuate this frantic back and forth with social media. We leave ourselves very little time to be quiet and reflective within our own existence. Often we use the excuse of “busy-ness” to avoid grappling with our true feelings. We push away sadness and anger and disappointment and mask it over with what we think others expect us to feel. We use the constant activity to drown out our internal voice, and avoid feelings that are uncomfortable. We avoid these things because we know that to confront them requires that we examine ourselves intently and perhaps eve make changes to our lives.

Louis C. K., an American Comedian, tells a story of a profound experience he has when not pushing away his true feelings. In his comedic style, he couches this in lots of self-deprecation and some crude imagery (as a warning!) but his experience teaches us something good.


When we allow ourselves the right and the privilege of being honest with ourselves, we may find that we receive far more than what we thought it might cost us. Finding a time and a space within which we can be quiet allows us to hear the internal voice that we often overlook. Sometimes all that voice is telling us to do is to stop and feel whatever it is that we really feel.

Find a quiet space for yourself – it could be the beach, the forest, the mountain or a corner of your own mind where you can listen to everything you have been trying to say to yourself.

Be kind to yourselves and look after yourselves.

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