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When speaking to others, we are often encouraged to be thoughtful about what we say. Words can hurt us, and we can hurt with words. A common acronym used to

A guest word on Self-Care

Brianna Wiest writes a thought-provoking article on self-care and challenges us to avoid using self-care as another tool of distraction. This Is What ‘Self-Care’ REALLY Means, Because It’s Not All

The Importance of Being Earnestly Quiet (Every now and then)

Most of our time is spent running from one activity to another, and then on to the next social engagement. We even punctuate this frantic back and forth with social


Just a reminder from the garden that growth happens in stages. And is different for everyone! Too often we try to force ourselves into feeling a certain way for the

The Journey of Therapy 1 (Choosing a Therapist)

Making the decision to start a therapeutic process can be daunting. Usually, when one realizes or decides that you need to get help, things have already become overwhelming and this

World Mental Health Day

As we celebrate World Mental Health Day on the 10th of October, this quote by American writer, Augusten Burroughs reminds us that we are all a work in progress. Look